HealthyScreen simplifies daily wellness checks and screening

HealthyScreen sends a text message to those you want to screen. All they have to do is complete the survey, there is no password for them to remember, website for them to find, or app for them to download. All of your data is securely held and easily accessible by you.

How it Works

Daily text message are sent to the person’s mobile phone a few hours before they arrive.
The Survey is typically 3-4 questions and can be completed in less than a minute.
The Individual receives a Digital Badge and Admins are immediately sent notifications for anyone who may be sick or at-risk.
You can manage your team from an easy-to-use dashboard. All data is stored securely and is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Daily Text Message

Your Team Receives a Friendly Daily Text Message from Us
Before your team's shift start time, you will receive a text message from HealthyScreen. The message from the text will read like this:

Hi from HealthyScreen. Please click the link to start your daily pre-work screening survey,

Note: First time users will be asked to accept the Terms of Service (ToS) prior to being given their first survey. Once accepted, a user will not be presented with the ToS again.

Health Screening Survey

Survey Takes Less than One Minute to Complete
By clicking the link in the text you will be taken to a secure web page that has been uniquely created for you.

All survey questions are based on OSHA and CDC guidelines and locally specific questions where required. Please answer truthfully to all questions.

Once completed you will receive your digital badge that will serve as proof you completed your survey for the day. Please know that all digital badges expire after 24 hours.

Survey Monitors for Symptoms and Risk-Factors

Common Symptoms
Fever or chills
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
Muscle or body aches
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for CoVID-19
Recent positive test for CoVID-19
Recent travel to known hotspots
Unknown vaccination status

Digital Badge

Secure Digital Badge Serves as Proof
Daily Survey results are sent to Admin and Supervisors via email and available in the password protected system.

To preserve privacy, individual survey question responses are not reported to Supervisors or the Admin.

All At-Risk cases are instantly sent to the corresponding supervisor and admin to implement company or organization protocol


To View Aggregate Team Metrics Go to the Team Dashboard Login to the System as an Admin or Manager to

From the Dashboard you can see accumulated metrics overtime for your account.

1. Account Metrics
  • Today Response Rate - total number of individuals who have responded
  • Today Pass - number individuals who have passed the survey
  • Today Pass Rate - percentage of individuals who passed the survey for the day
  • Today At-Risk Rate - percentage of individuals who did not pass the survey for the day
  • Lifetime Pass Rate - percentage of individuals who passed the survey over the life of the account
  • Active Team Size - current account team size


You Can View the Status of Your Team. We Also Send Reports to Your Email

From the Status tab you can see a history of all individuals who have received a survey.

1. You can filter for a select time period or just for a single day using the “Date Filter” function. To access the filter click inside the window as seen below. A drop down calendar will appear.
2. You can sort by column by clicking the label such as “Name” or “Result”
3. You can also Download your results as a CSV for the period you have chosen.
4. Rows in the table are shaded: 
  • Green for “Passed Pre-Work Screen”
  • Yellow for “Did Not Respond”
  • Red for “Not Passed”

Manage Employees

You Can Manage Individual Employees or Visitors to your Business or Office -- Great for Conferences!

From the Individuals tab you can see a record of all individuals in your account and make changes to their profiles

Add Individuals” button allows you to you to add individuals, create supervisors, and bulk upload new team members
You can make bulk edits from this tab to control various aspects of a several profiles quickly
You can filter your team as an Admin and view status or upgrade or downgrade account profiles. You can quickly and easily manage how your team receives the survey and when they receive the survey
You can also modify the delivery channel and Individual receives the profile. You can opt for them to receive the Survey via Email or SMS text depending on their preferences.


To manage Individual Employees or People Move to the Individuals tab

From the Settings tab you can:

1. Select when to send the SMS text messages to your team
2. Select when you as an Admin or Supervisor (Manager) want to receive reports before or after shift start times
3. Review the number of individuals scheduled to receive surveys by day. You can change individual schedule status via the Individuals tab
4. Enable Guest Settings and also purchase credits for Guest surveys. The Guest Feature gives you all of the capabilities of the Individual module but with more control over visitors and guests to your business or office







Can Register a Company
Issued Login Credential
Can Create and Manage
Supervisor (Manager)
Enable Guest Features
Purchase Guest Credits
Yes, If Guest Feature is Enabled
Receive Reports and Notifications
Receive and Complete Surveys
Assigned Individuals and Guests

Security and Privacy

How we safeguard your data
HealthyScreen is implemented in AWS and hosted in datacenters in the United States.

All data (both long term and temporary data) is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2 and encrypted at rest using AES-256.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are redacted automatically from logs so neither developers nor support technicians have access to an individual's PII.  

HealthyScreen has Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) on every server, and Penetration Testing is performed periodically.

Operating System patching is performed regularly with rolling updates across our operating environments.  

Finally, we will never sell your information or your team's information, ever.

To learn more please go to our Security Overview page


Simple pricing
HealthyScreen is $2 per month, per person.

A subscription is for the month.

There are no set-up fees.

You can cancel at anytime.

There are no pricing tiers

We also have special pricing for Visitors and Guests -- Great for Conferences

You see more on our Pricing Page

HealthyScreen makes it easy
to safely welcome people to your Business