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Below are some common questions from our customers.

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How does HealthyScreen’s pricing work?
Our pricing is based on the number enrolled persons per month. We offer monthly billing and you can cancel your subscription at any time. With per-enrollee pricing, organizations pay based on team size to access and use the HealthyScreen service and its features. You can see it for yourself by watching the video.
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What happens after I register to use HealthyScreen for my organization?
There are four steps you need to do to register and have your team receiving surveys. 

VERIFY EMAIL - We will ask you to verify your email address. We will send you an email with a link that can be used to verify your account. 

ENROLL YOUR TEAM - You will be asked to enroll and confirm the individuals you want to receive daily surveys. If you have a large team there is a CSV file you can complete and upload.  Please note that to enroll individuals we only require their cell phone numbers, however we recommend you provide additional information so that you may manage them more easily. 

CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS - You can go to the settings page to manage the time you want your enrolled individuals to receive their daily survey. You can also choose the time you want your daily report for who has taken the survey.
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How do I enroll people so that they can receive their daily survey?
Click the Sign-up button and register your business or office. Once you register with HealthyScreen you simply add each individual cell phone number you wish to be screened to HealthyScreen. Once enrolled, we send that person a daily survey.
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How do you send surveys to my enrolled individuals?
HealthyScreen relies on enrolled individuals having access to text messaging, a common feature used by most cell phone users, and access to the mobile web, a standard feature of all modern smartphones. There is no need to download a mobile app to use HealthyScreen.
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What questions does HealthyScreen use for the surveys?
We allow you to modify the questions to match your organization’s needs. However, our standard survey defaults to three questions which we present to survey takers on a daily basis. Those questions screen for potential risk-factors for CoVID-19 including

(1) whether the individual has been in recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for CoVID-19

(2) whether the survey taker has recently taken or tested positive for CoVID-19 and

(3) whether the person has developed recent known symptoms for CoVID-19.
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Why is temperature not a default question in your survey?
While fever is a known symptom for CoVID-19, we have reviewed research that suggests that it presents in less than one-third of confirmed CoVID-19 positive cases. You can find that research here. Additionally, temperature checks outside of a clinical setting are less accurate and the individual may be on fever reducing over-the-counter medications that may suppress temperature.
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Is there a way for me to enroll a large group of people into the HealthyScreen service quickly.
Yes. We provide a bulk upload solution. You can download our CSV (comma separated values) template. You only need to enter the required cell phone number. We recommend you provide additional information, such as Name or Employee/Student ID, so that you may more easily manage your team over time. 

(If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can always use Google Sheets to create the CSV. Here is a link to the template: HealthyScreen_Upload_Template.)
Google Sheet Template
To use the Google Sheet, you can Make a Copy. (File > Make a Copy). Complete the fields you wish making sure to include cell phone numbers. Download the file as a CSV (File > Downloads > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) ). And last upload the file to our system on the “Employees” tab.

For very large accounts we provide support. Just send us an email at
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My organization receives a lot of visitors everyday, can I use HealthyScreen to survey their health and potential risk factors before they arrive and after they leave?
Yes. Since HealthyScreen is not a mobile app there is nothing to download. We can send your visitors or guests surveys for the days leading up to, on, and following their visit to your site. That way you can have a more complete picture of everyone’s health.
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As an administrator or manager is there a way for me to manage the people enrolled in the HealthyScreen service?
Yes. We offer a complete dashboard that allows you to add or remove enrolled individuals as well as review their survey results for the day or over time.
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As an employer, how will I know whether an employee has taken the survey or identified a potential risk-factor for Covid-19?
We will notify you immediately via email when an employee identifies a potential risk-factor. The person who identifies symptoms for CoVID-19 or another potential risk factor will be given instructions that match your organization’s protocol for handling such cases.
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Can I check whether someone has completed the survey, if they are at work or school?
Yes. Anyone who completes the survey is issued a Digital Badge which reports whether the person “Passed” the survey or “Did not pass” the survey. The badge includes a QR code that links directly to that person’s responses for the day. All Digital Badges expire at the end of the day. You can also view anyone’s status from the Dashboard.
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So would we as the employer see the answers to the individual questions by employees?
HealthyScreen will send designated team members a daily email that shares the names of individuals who have not completed the survey as well as those employees who have identified a risk-factor for CoVID-19. As the employer, you will have the ability to view the individual responses of your employees.
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What about HIPAA laws, is it legal to track employees health?
Employers are allowed to ask employees simple questions with regard to their health. A business acting in its capacity as an employer is not subject to HIPAA. HIPAA imposes obligations to safeguard protected health information only on covered entities, which are defined to include health plans, health care clearinghouses and health care providers. You can read more here.
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Where will HealthyScreen keep an individual’s information on file?
HealthyScreen uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store and process all information. All HealthyScreen customer data stored within AWS is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Read more about about our Security Policy
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For how long will HealthyScreen keep individual’s information on file?
We provide the employer with the ability to delete their data at any time.
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Do you sell or market the cell phone numbers of enrolled individuals?
Absolutely not. We do not sell or market the cell phone number of enrolled individuals. If you like to learn more please review our Privacy Policy
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Is there someone to contact if I run into any issues?
Yes. We don’t expect you to have any issues but if you do we are always available at
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Who owns HealthyScreen?
HealthyScreen is owned by Azumo LLC. We are a certified 100% black-owned business founded in 2016 with a focus on helping companies build intelligent applications. We have worked with companies including Facebook, Twitter, Discovery Channel and many more to deliver conversational apps. You can watch why we made HealthyScreen to learn how we solve daily employee health screening.

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