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Health Screening Assessment for Employees & Visitors

HealthyScreen is the easiest to use health screening and wellness assessment solution on the market. Now you can easily perform daily health screenings for your employees and visitors before they arrive to your office, worksite or conference. With HealthyScreen you can track daily symptoms, vaccination status, and much more. Managers can get reports on potential at risk individuals immediately. You can eliminate long lines, and insecure paper records while complying with OSHA safety guidelines and local laws.
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Why HealthyScreen

With HealthyScreen you can identify, track, and protect your workforce from Covid-19 outbreaks and other illnesses
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  • Most states, the Federal Government, Canada, and Mexico have either a Requirement or Recommendation for Pre-Work Symptom Screening
  • Few Simple, Secure, Easy to Deploy Alternatives Available to HR Departments to Screen Large Workforces Quickly
  • Pen and Paper Screening is Messy, Lacks Privacy, and Exposes Employees to Uncomfortable Questions
  • Few Employees Want a Company Sanctioned Mobile App on their Personal Smartphones
  • Many Employees Consistently Struggle to Find Screening Webpages or Remember their Login and Password
Employees and visitors can be screened before coming to your facility by completing a simple survey sent to their text message SMS or Email inbox.

Here's How It Works.


SMS or Email

An SMS or Email will be sent to employees & visitors with a link to a survey. The sending frequency is configurable.

Survey & Badge

They will complete the survey in under a minute and receive a secure Digital Badge.


You get visibility of all results in a convenient dashboard. Protecting privacy rights of everyone.

Protect Everyone's Privacy

Asking someone about their health can quickly violate their privacy rights, leading to potential HIPAA or ADA violations.

Our health screening app has been carefully designed to protect the privacy of all surveyed people. We keep all of the specifics about their symptoms and interactions private. The only results you see are whether or not they passed. 

Prework Covid-19 Health Assessment
Prework Covid-19 Health Assessment

Perform Wellness Assessments and Symptom Screenings for Your Entire Workforce and Visitors in Minutes.

While some businesses still rely on pen and paper and using temperature checks to ensure employee health, these solutions are not necessarily scalable across your entire organization.

HealthyScreen can survey your entire workforce in a matter of minutes. Each morning, we’ll text your people a link to a screening survey, which they can easily fill out on their phones, before even leave their homes.

Employees and Visitors have completed over 1 million HealthyScreen Symptom Screening Surveys

Stay Compliant with changes in Local Laws and OSHA Guidelines

Every day, we learn more and more about this virus, changing our understanding of how symptoms present and how the disease spreads.

Our survey questions allow you to carefully integrate the most up-to-date rules for re-opening your business, so you can remain in compliance with state and local mandates.

You can also customize the survey by adding contact tracing questions, changing their order, control how often screenings are done, and comply with OSHA guidelines.

Prework Covid-19 Health Assessment

Simplify your daily wellness checks and health screenings with HealthyScreen

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