Welcome to HealthyScreen

Daily Health Screening Made Easy

HealthyScreen, the AI-powered health screening solution, gives you a way to monitor your team’s health every day — so you can have peace of mind.


Create confidence through daily screening across your entire organization

Tailor your screening to fit your business, school or facility needs

Comply with Local Laws

Create a secure system of record that shows you are in compliance with local mandates and health department standards

Temperature Checks are not enough

Checking temperatures at the office door may be too late. A sick worker arriving with a high temperature puts everyone at risk.

How it Works
to protect your business


Daily Text

Daily text message with link to survey


Screen takes under 1-minute to complete

Notifies You

You know everyones status before work

Daily Badge

Digital badge expires at the end of each day

Survey Example

Identify risk-factors in less than a minute.
Responses to questions remain anonymous
Customize the questions and flow to fit your business and health security protocols

With HealthyScreen you can easily
manage your organization

Easily Manage
your team.

You can have confidence that you can meet local laws and provide your workforce, customers and community you are taking pre-emptive steps to promote everyone's health

Manage Your People

Configure your dashboard to see the status of your team while preserving team members' privacy

Coronavirus Surveys are appreciated

We are living a new normal for now. Most workers and customers appreciate businesses who are rising to meet the challenge

Metrics to manage your team and site

Since metrics and status are sent to you before work you can manage your team more efficiently

  • Passed
  • Risk factor
  • Did not respond

HealthyScreen is $2 per month, per person.

No matter how many people work for your company, $2 per month, per person is all you'll pay. Subscription is for the month. Cancel anytime.

For just $2 per month, per person, you get:

  • Customizable surveys

  • Proof of compliance

  • Daily individual screening

  • Personalized dashboard

Our Mission

Create a safer environment through automated  health screening every day.

Many states and localities have mandated policies that require you to monitor and report on your organization's daily health status. Just to stay open, you may need to show you are tracking your people's health every day.

HealthyScreen Helps You Stay Productive

You are ready to come back to work, but how do you know if your employees are returning to work healthy? What health screening policy have you put in place to ensure your team is safe and feels confident showing up to do business or learn? With HealthyScreen, users appreciate:

Simplify the screening process to verify your business status
Survey can be completed from your mobile phone in less than a minute
Give your team confidence that they are working in a healthy environment
Act Daily
Daily survey polling keeps COVID-19 prevention top of mind
Know the health of your team before they come to work
Demonstrate compliance with local mandates and policies

Let's Get Back to Work Safely

Get a demo of HealthyScreen to see how easy it is to protect your team, comply with local laws and start your workday with confidence.