Employee Health Screening Compliance
Let's Get Back to Work Safely


Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Resorts

Track and monitor your guests, patrons and employees before they arrive to work or for their reservation. Monitor their health after they leave so you can have peace of mind.


Automobile, Processing, Industrial

You want to ensure business continuity and keep your plant workers healthy. HealthyScreen offers a way to track and trace the well-being of your plant workers simply.


Elementary, High Schools, Colleges

Implement our protocols for teachers and students to ensure the well-being of your campus and community.


Dental Offices, Medical Practices

Put in place active tracking and pre-work strategies so you can understand who may be at-risk in your practice.

Senior Housing

Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing

Beyond physically daily testing, family members, residents, and employees want to know the facility is taking all available measures to keep everyone safe


Airlines, Hotels, Cruises

Create another sensible line of defense for re-opening core travel and destinations by screening travelers before and after their trip

First Responders

Fire, Police, Emergency

They put their bodies at risk for their communities everyday. HealthyScreen allows you to understand their physical needs and adjust your response to their needs.

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